Cause/Effect Essay: Global Warming1

Nowadays, the world has experienced many natural disasters. Most serious phenomenon is due to global climate change. Human activities are causing climate change which makes the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase. It causes the greenhouse effect and the higher temperature is called global warming. It can cause and affect many people, animals, and plants.

The main cause of global warming is people’s activities which emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and methane. For example, the carbon dioxide released from cars accumulates in the atmosphere. Moreover, using the electricity from coal burning power plants also released enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. It makes the temperature to increase.

Greenhouse effect acts like a mirror and reflects back to the earth some of the heat energy. This severe effect of global warming is it can make animals and plants die. This is a big problem that affects our chain food. When the plants die, the animals lose sources of food and it also has a lot of effects on people.

In conclusion, people should do many things to stop global warming because there are many effects as a result of this. People should be more careful about their activities. The simple way that we can do is to try to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are put into the air by a car.


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