Comparison/Contrast Essay: City life and country life2

Everyone has the different lifestyle. City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two different types of livings. These have many differences in the environment, job opportunity, and cost of living. The difference of these can make people think that the country lifestyle is better than the city lifestyle.

The environment in the countryside and the city is very different. There are less pollution, fewer cars, and fewer factories in the countryside. Moreover, there are many trees while there are many buildings in the city. These entire make the environment is better and more natural. In the city filled with cares and factories which are the important causes of noise and environmental pollution.

There are more the job opportunities in the city. The job market in the countryside is smaller than in the city. People in the countryside have their farms and stores that they can make a living. However, most people move in the city to find a job because it’s easier. People in the city are owner of a big company or work mostly in the companies. So the city life has more job opportunities but some people like living in countryside.

The cost of living in the city is higher than the countryside. The goods are more expensive. In the country, most people have the sufficient economy. They can plant and breed animals so they have the cost of living that is lower and the goods are cheaper. The country life is simple and comfortable.

These reasons above shown very clearly.  The country lifestyle is much better, simpler, and more relaxing than the city lifestyle.


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